eXp Revenue Sharing Explained.

eXp Realty is changing the real estate brokerage model.
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Residual income for building teams at eXp

Agents at eXp can receive revenue share from the people they sponsor into the company, up to 3.5% gross commission on their transactions. Keep earning residuals forever while the agent is productive with eXp Realty and until they reach the annual cap.
Revenue share is paid by eXp company dollars and doesn’t reduce agent commission, and there’s no limit to the amount agents can earn.

Group Residuals

Example: Lindsay sponsors Jesse to the company and Jesse sponsors other agents.
In one year, Jesse introduces two agents that each earn $80,000 in commission. Those agents are in Lindsay’s tier two revenue share group and Lindsay earns up to 4% of the tier two agent’s commission, up to $3,200 per agent each year.
Lindsay continues to earn revenue share residuals of up to 4%, $3,200 annually, for each agent that is introduced to her revenue share group, up to seven tiers. There’s no limit to the number of agents in Lindsay’s group.

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